Eastern Z is one of the strongest guilds in all of Fiore. It was one of the original 6 guilds created in the year of 420.


Name Magic Became Master Retired/Died
Nicolas Taurus Fire/Wind 420 490
Mannick Pryce Steel 490 523
Tyron Taurus Wind 523 548
Sarun Makarov Beast 548


Name Rank Age Magic
Sarun Makarov Master 72 Beast
Gildarts Taurus The Great 5 40 Fire
Hawk The Great 5 40 Wind
Icenote The Great 5 40 Ice
Bixlow The Great 5 22 Wind
May The Great 5 29 Water
Luxus Makarov S-Rank 19 Lightning
Jura S-Rank 19 Earth
Fried S-Rank 23 Fire
Alloy S-Rank 26 Steel
Wendy S-Rank 24 Ice
Vargas Normal 31 Warrior
Speedy Normal 20 Wind
Bill Normal 25 Earth
Scar Normal 15 Wind
Eric Normal 15 Fire
Ebony Normal 15 Warrior
Edmond Normal 15 Beast
Gray Normal 15 Ice

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